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Best 10 Dream11 Prediction Football Fantasy Telegram Channels For Winning Teams

In this blog, you’ll find the ten best football fantasy Telegram channels that give you trustworthy and precise free Dream11 football teams. We will delve into their achievements in football fantasy, explore their football prediction methods, assess their experience and analysis skills, examine their track records, judge how well-known and accurate they are, determine what platforms they use, estimate their expertise, and explore their history. All this information will provide insights into what makes these channels unique and experts in football fantasy.

What Is Fantasy Sports And Dream11?

Before moving forward, it’s crucial to understand fantasy sports or Dream11 in India. Dream11 is a popular fantasy sports application in India, among several others. However, Dream11 stands out as one of the most widely used platforms, with millions of users participating in games and competing for cash prizes. Yet, it’s important to note that winning in fantasy sports is not guaranteed, and risks are involved. Losing your hard-earned money is possible, especially if you become addicted to these games.

We strongly advise against becoming addicted to fantasy games. Instead, consider playing them for entertainment or to test your luck. The competition on these fantasy platforms is intense, and success depends on a combination of skills and luck.

However, it’s important to note that Dream11 is legal under the government of India, and the platform adheres to tax regulations by paying taxes to the government. Users of Dream11 are also required to pay taxes on the amounts they earn by participating in leagues and winning cash prizes. According to recent laws, if you add funds to your Dream11 account, you must pay the applicable taxes.

Top 10 Dream11 Free Football Fantasy Telegram Channels

Here is a list of the best football fantasy Telegram channels that provide free football teams with expert analysis:

1. Sports-addicted Fantasy Telegram Channel –

sports addicted football fantasy telegram channel

“Sports Addicted” is considered one of the best football fantasy Telegram channels. They boast a highly experienced team of experts who are deeply passionate about football, possessing knowledge even about players not widely available on the internet. The channel has achieved notable success, winning the Grand League 1000 times and numerous mini-leagues. Their consistent winning records in minor leagues within football fantasy sports games, such as Dream11 and other fantasy platforms, have been proven.

The channel was created approximately nine months ago, and despite minimal advertising, a relatively small number of people have joined and are enjoying the free football fantasy teams. People have organically discovered and joined the channel, finding satisfaction in the valuable insights and outputs provided after becoming members.

Sports-Addicted Football Fantasy Telegram Channel Analysis Methods –

  • Weather Report: – The team at Sports Addicted also keeps everyone updated on the weather at the match venue. Temperature is crucial in team selection because it can affect the match duration. If the weather is terrible, it might impact your fantasy team, and that’s something they should consider.
  • Comparison of both teams – The experts compare the performance of both teams and provide records against each other. They analyze which team played better, identify players who faced difficulties against specific opponents, conduct player comparisons, and evaluate overall on-ground performance. The experts cover everything, offering a comprehensive insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each team and player.
  • Team Update – Updating about what’s happening in the team, including player injuries, team strategies, and any official announcements on various platforms. They cover everything that could play a role or affect the team.
  • Punt Picks – The experts at Sports Addicted, a football fantasy Telegram channel, also provide unique punt picks to their subscribers. Most of these picks are rarely considered, giving you an extra step to beat your opponent, as they might miss out on these players.
  • Many More – Besides these methods, the channel provides a wealth of resources to help everyone create strong football fantasy teams. They also offer free Grand League or Small League football teams, stats, and suggestions that you can incorporate into your team. You must join their football fantasy Telegram channel to learn more about them.

2. Football Prediction –

Football Prediction secures the 2nd position on our Dream11 football team Telegram channels list. This channel stands out with an impressive 702,378 subscribers and approximately 100,000 daily views on their posts. It covers football and tennis fantasy sports games, offers free sports teams, and provides 24-hour updates.

3. Tennis Football Match Prediction –

Tennis Football Match Prediction holds the 3rd position among the best football prediction Telegram channels on our list. With a significant subscriber base of 52,164 and an impressive 2500-plus daily views per post, this channel showcases its popularity and the trust it has gained. Providing free teams for both football and tennis games, the track boasts an expert team that is always ready to support subscribers and keep them updated with every match-related update.

4. Sports Fantasy –

Sports Fantasy has become popular, ranking 2nd in our top 10 Dream11 T10 and Cricket Dream11 prediction channels. Focused initially on T10 and cricket, the track has expanded to cover football fantasy. Led by Arvind, the team of experts provides detailed stats on matches, groups, and players through platforms like YouTube, their website, and Telegram.

In just two months, “Sports Fantasy” gained 50,200 subscribers, up from 15,000, thanks to their successful match-winning teams that helped many recover losses. Arvind, recognized for his fantasy skills, is featured on top news sites in India and holds certifications from reputed institutes.

5. Football Informer –

Many of you may already be familiar with Cric Informer, a viral channel in the fantasy world. You might not be keen to learn that Cric Informer also runs a dedicated football channel. Their team of experts delivers high-quality football fantasy teams. Currently boasting 7,200 subscribers, the track is led by Siddhant Tripathi, a seasoned figure in the fantasy realm and well-known among fantasy enthusiasts.

This channel, providing teams exclusively for various sports, has been a trusted and established presence since the early days of fantasy gaming in India. Its existence spans a few years; it is a reliable and time-tested channel. You can find their insights on their website, YouTube, application, and Telegram channels.

6. Anand Fantasy World Football Channel –

Though it has just 959 subscribers, this channel makes it to our list of the best football fantasy telegram channels. We prioritize quality over quantity, aiming to bring you channels that focus on benefiting you rather than just making profits. The track is gaining popularity, like Sports Addicted, by consistently providing highly accurate fantasy football teams.

They carefully choose matches with a high chance of winning, share their coverage plans with users, provide an investment plan, and offer free football teams during match times. Currently, they’re available exclusively on Telegram.

7. Fantasy Future –

Fantasy Future may be a relatively new channel, but it has managed to secure its position among the best football prediction Telegram channels due to the quality of its teams. The track currently has 990 subscribers, and a noteworthy positive point is that each post on the channel receives around 754 daily views despite having just 980 subscribers. This indicates that the track has a highly engaged user base, positively reacting to the teams provided.

For those looking for a football fantasy Telegram channel, especially with a lower subscriber count, Fantasy Future presents a great opportunity. Despite having fewer subscribers, the emphasis is on delivering quality teams, and the community is more intimate.

8. Fantasy Football Expert –

The Fantasy Football Expert channel currently boasts over 190,000 subscribers, indicating its popularity in football fantasy sports. Led by X9 Ethan, a seasoned expert with years of experience in football, the channel provides daily teams, covers scheduled matches, and offers insightful stats.

The channel has a significant audience, with around 25,000 daily views per post. It has achieved notable success, winning many Grand Leagues in football fantasy sports games. Additionally, the channel conducts giveaways for its users from time to time. After analyzing these aspects, we believe it rightfully earns a spot on our best football fantasy Telegram channel list.

9. Fantasy Premier League –

Our expert team has thoroughly analyzed several channels, and Fantasy Premier League has secured a spot on our list of the best football prediction Telegram channels. Despite having just 1,100 subscribers, it gets an impressive 5,000 views on each post, indicating its popularity on Telegram.

This channel provides comprehensive stats in video format, sharing free Grand League, Small League, and Mini Grand League teams with high winning accuracy. Unlike other media, they focus on several matches, ensuring a 90% win rate—a strategic approach for profitable football sports gaming.

Beyond team predictions, the Fantasy Premier League channel offers the latest news, live streams, discussions, and polls, making it a one-stop destination for football enthusiasts.

10. Prime Leak –

If you’re a fan of paid and prime football teams from big names in the fantasy world like Somesh, Badshah, etc., then Prime Leak is your best football fantasy Telegram channel. The channel’s primary goal is to provide prime and paid teams from the most prominent players in fantasy football games, and the best part is that it’s all free.

However, there’s a catch – you need to be active because the channel shares teams right at the end of the deadline, possibly just a minute before. Prime Leak exclusively provides football teams but covers various sports like cricket and kabaddi. All the teams shared are paid or prime, initially posted in paid groups by other channels. Prime Leak brings these teams to their free Telegram channel.

This way, you might end up with the same team as your opponent, as they too might be part of this channel, enjoying the prime and paid teams for free.

In Conclusion

This is the complete list of the best football fantasy Telegram channels curated by our experts after analyzing them on various parameters. All the tracks featured here offer free content, and none provide paid teams. We’ve even included channels that share free paid and prime teams from well-known names like Somesh.

These channels vary in popularity, with some having thousands of subscribers and others having fewer. However, subscriber count doesn’t define their ability, strength, or expertise. Every channel on this list is considered among the best for football fantasy on Telegram.

A crucial recommendation is to avoid becoming addicted to fantasy game platforms like Dream11 or others. Use them for fun and to test your luck, but don’t take it too seriously. Fantasy game addiction can be risky, leading to significant financial losses. Please keep this in mind when participating in any fantasy sports league.

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