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Best 10 Prime Dream11 Free GL Team Telegram Channels for Expert Analysis & Cricket Match Tips

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Here, you will find information about the top 10 Best Dream11 free GL team Telegram channels, including prime channels that post prime teams. The details covered will include their expert levels, achievements, experience, match analysis methods, the platforms they use (e.g., social media), their channels’ subscriber reactions, and other relevant data.

Dream11 has become a very popular fantasy game in India, with numerous Indians actively participating. Additionally, Dream11 is the jersey sponsor of the Indian cricket team and even won the IPL sponsorship title in 2020. However, despite all this, we do not suggest becoming addicted to this game. We simply provide this data to offer better clarity and valuable insights for those seeking Dream11 free GL team Telegram channels.

Top 10 Dream11 Free GL Team Telegram Channels

Here is a list of the top 10 best Dream11 Free GL Team Telegram channels.

1. Sports addicted –

Sports Addicted is one of the best Dream11 Free GL Team Telegram channels, also covering small league teams. However, the channel is relatively new, but its owner has over 8 years of experience in Dream11 games. He created this Telegram channel to share his expertise and insights with the community.

Sports-Addicted Match Analysis Methods

      • Pitch Analysis: A detailed examination of the pitch conditions to identify whether it favours spinners or fast bowlers. This information helps in choosing the right bowlers for the team.

        • Batsman Suitability: Sports-Addicted assesses the pitch type and identifies which kind of batsmen are likely to perform well on that surface. This enables users to pick the most suitable batsmen for their fantasy teams.

          • Bowlers’ Chances to Complete Overs: Analysis of bowlers’ past records, fitness status, and match conditions to determine which bowlers have a higher probability of completing their allotted overs. It ensures that fantasy players select bowlers who will have ample opportunities to earn points.

            • Match Winner: Through in-depth analysis of team strengths, weaknesses, recent performances, and head-to-head records, Sports-Addicted predicts the team with a higher chance of winning the match. This assists fantasy players in selecting players from the winning team to maximize their points.

              • Weather Conditions Impact: Sports-Addicted takes weather conditions into account, as they can significantly affect match outcomes and player performances. Users are informed of any potential weather-related impacts.

                • Captain and Vice-Captain Recommendations: Based on all the analysis, Sports-Addicted suggests suitable players to be chosen as the captain and vice-captain of fantasy teams for maximizing points.

              Overall, Sports-Addicted match analysis covers every possible scenario that may occur during the match.

              Sports-Addicted Free GL Team Telegram Channel Achievements

              There are many achievements of the Sports Addicted channel. The channel has won numerous Grand Leagues (GL) as well as Mini GLs and other small leagues. Moreover, many subscribers of the channel have also won GLs with the owner.

                  • The channel has 700-plus subscribers on the Telegram channel, 100 followers, and 11 friends on the Dream11 profile.

                    • The channel has 887 awards, and there are 11 unique awards on the Dream11 profile.

                      • The channel has a skill score of 713, and in their career, the Sports Addicted profile has played 8831 contests, 5165 matches or 730 series, and participated in 9 sports.

                    dream11 free gl team telegram channel

                    Sports-Addicted Social Media Platform

                        • Website – Their website name is Sports Addicted, and they cover all sports-related content, especially cricket.

                          • Telegram Channel – They covered all the fantasy-related news, free GL and SL teams, and provided some important updates and analysis on their channel.

                            • YouTube – Their YouTube channel name is also “Sports addicted,” where they cover all sports-related and Dream11-related content.

                              • Facebook & Instagram – They basically edit videos of cricket and other sports on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

                            2. Sports Fantasy –

                            Sports Fantasy is one of the best dream11 prime team free telegram channels. However, it does not cover the GL matches. But the channel has a wide range of fan following, especially for T10 match lovers. The special thing about this channel is that it does not play every match. The channel only plays selected matches, and its winning percentage is high.

                            Sports Fantasy Platform For Analysis Matches

                                • Website – The channel provides all data, such as players’ stats, venue stats, captain & vice-captain choices, and other relevant information on their website.

                                  • Youtube – The channel also has a YouTube channel where they cover the matches in depth and discuss the players’ statistics and comparisons.

                                    • Telegram Channel – In their telegram channel, they provide all the updates about the matches they are going to cover and the final teams.

                                  3. Prime Leak Baba –

                                  The Prime Leak Baba is a completely dream11 prime team free telegram channel. Basically, this channel posts and provides prime teams from famous and popular Dream11 channels like Somesh, Badshah, and other well-known individuals.

                                  Prime Leak Baba Platform For Analysis Matches

                                      • Telegram Channel – We only know about their Telegram channel. Perhaps the owner has more social platforms for their channel, but we are aware of only the Telegram channel where they provide Dream11 prime teams or updates from multiple popular and famous Dream11 users.

                                    4. Hadol 11 –

                                    This cricket Telegram channel is one of the best ones out there. Even though it’s fairly new, it has become really popular in a short amount of time because it’s always reliable. The channel doesn’t offer teams for the grand league, but it does provide free teams for smaller leagues and only participates in specific matches. The best part is that the channel has a lot of potential for even more success in the future.

                                    Hadol Platform For Analysis Matches

                                        • Telegram Channel – They have only a cricket Telegram channel. We have never heard about any of their other social channels and platforms. They post all of their updates on their Telegram channel.

                                      5. Thakur –

                                      Thakur is the best gl team Telegram channel. Although not all the teams are provided for free, the channel has achieved significant success in winning lots of grand leagues. They generously offer free GL teams in many matches and even provide stats for new series players.

                                      Social Channel For Analysis

                                          • Thakur Telegram Channel – Thakur has only one official Telegram channel, which currently has 9.6K subscribers. The owner’s name of this channel is Rohan Thakur, and he has posted many winning screenshots of GL (grand league) on their Telegram channel. However, we must reiterate that it is not a completely free channel, as he sometimes posts free teams.

                                            • YouTube – They also have a YouTube channel, but we are not fully aware of how they are currently using it, as they have not posted anything related to it on their Telegram channel for a long time.

                                          6. Fantasy Expert –

                                          Fantasy Expert is also a Dream11 GL team Telegram channel. The channel is very old and has been providing teams for a couple of years. The owner covers everything in detail and depth, and they also provide teams for small leagues.

                                          Match Analysis Platform

                                              • Telegram – Their Telegram channel currently has 16.4K subscribers, and the admin is an active member, continuously posting updates. They provide teams with numerous fantasy platforms along with related updates.

                                                • Youtube – They have an active YouTube channel where they regularly post-match videos and provide in-depth analysis of the matches in their videos.

                                              7. Cric11Expert –

                                              Cric 11 Expert is a highly popular channel and also one of the best free GL team Telegram channels. The owner’s name is Aadilikm, and they consider themselves a European cricket expert.

                                              Their Social Platform

                                                  • Telegram Channel – The channel has 191.9K subscribers and is always active, posting numerous teams for SL, Mini GL, and GL, even for other platforms as well. One more thing about the channel is that it also hosts giveaways.

                                                    • Youtube – They also have a YouTube channel named ‘Cric11 Expert’ with 331k subscribers. They post videos on a daily basis for matches and cover all the related and latest updates regarding the matches, as well as providing in-depth match analysis.

                                                  8. Devendra Yadav –

                                                  Devendra Yadav is one of the Dream11 prime team’s free Telegram channels for fantasy users.

                                                  The owner of the Telegram channel claims that he has won the Grand League (GL) 8 times and is always active, covering most of the matches, particularly selected ones.

                                                  Social Platform of Devendra Yadav

                                                      • Telegram Channel – As a free gl team Telegram channel, they always update their users about upcoming matches. The channel has 17K subscribers and almost 5K daily active users.

                                                        • Youtube – They mention in their Telegram channel bio that they have a YouTube channel as well, but we are not updated much about their channel. However, if they claim so, they may also be covering the matches on YouTube.

                                                      9. Akash Chopra –

                                                      Akash Chopra, a renowned cricket commentator, is a familiar name to every cricket enthusiast. He also has a Dream11 prime team free Telegram channel. Due to his experience as a commentator, he has access to a lot of information, including live pitch and other data.

                                                      Akash Chopra Social Platform

                                                          • Telegram – Akash Chopra’s Telegram channel has 329.3K plus subscribers and daily 1 Lakh plus active users, which reflects the channel’s immense popularity and engagement. It is not actually a Grand League (GL) team channel, but he provides teams for Small League (SL), Mini GL, or GL matches.

                                                        10. Aditya Sukla Official

                                                        Fantasy Aditya Sukla runs a cricket Telegram channel and has a huge fan following. His team’s name is “Winsukla,” and he claims to have won 77 Grand Leagues (GLs). This is an impressive number of GL victories

                                                        Aditya Sukla Social Platform

                                                            • Telegram Channel – They have an impressive count of almost 2 lakh subscribers on their cricket Telegram channel, where they are always active and provide regular updates related to matches. Moreover, they offer teams for all kinds of leagues.

                                                              • YouTube – They also have a YouTube channel mentioned in their Telegram channel bio. Therefore, you can find match analysis from them on YouTube as well.

                                                            In Conclusion

                                                            this comprehensive list showcases the top 10 Best Dream11 Free GL Team Telegram channels, along with prime channels that provide prime teams. The information covered includes their expert levels, achievements, match analysis methods, social media platforms they use, subscriber reactions, and other relevant data.

                                                            Dream11 has gained immense popularity in India, with many active participants. While it is a widely enjoyed fantasy game, it is important not to become addicted to it. The data presented here is meant to provide clarity and valuable insights to those seeking Dream11 free GL team Telegram channels.

                                                            These channels cater to various preferences, offering teams for both grand leagues and smaller leagues. Many of them have achieved impressive success in winning Grand Leagues and have garnered large subscriber bases. Additionally, several channels have YouTube platforms where they provide in-depth match analysis and statistics.

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